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Our Business 

Minotaur offers 21st century solutions to the problems of environmental hydrocarbon pollution. Utilising a combination of patented and licensed technologies, we provide integrated solutions for the remediation of hydrocarbon-contaminated earths to international environmental standards.

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Why are we different?

Efficient, Cost-Effective Environmental Remediation


International oil companies face increasing pressure to minimise their environmental footprint. Historically, IOCs and NOCs have not been able to achieve the environmental performance demanded of them, whether through a lack of technology available to deal with complex pollution issues and produced water streams, or through a lack of incentive to tackle the problems. This has inevitably led to a backlog of contaminated materials requiring remediation in almost all large onshore producing areas. Minotaur offers cost-effective solutions for large volumes of contaminated earths, as well as decentralised solutions for the localised treatment of oil lakes or pits where a central processing plant is not feasible or desired.


Minotaur offers guaranteed remediation to below 1% Total Percentage Hydrocarbon, irrespective of the level of initial contamination. This meets the toughest global standards for hydrocarbon remediation.


Minotaur is an environmentally-friendly business. Our process uses no solvents or
environmentally-hazardous chemicals, no significant process heating, and produces no tailings stream requiring further treatment.


Minotaur is able to offer an end-to- end solution for the treatments of all elements of the pollution issue, whether solids, liquids, or both. The process combines patented mechanical and biochemical technologies to clean all the oil contaminants from contaminated earths through enhanced and accelerated bioremediation.