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About Us


Minotaur Oil is a pioneer in the natural resources and clean technology markets, delivering end-to- end solutions through a combination of licensed and patented technologies.

Minotaur focuses on two primary business streams:

Remediation of oil-polluted earths and water, whether drill cuttings, oil lakes, oil spills, or other environmental externalities of the oil industry.

Production of bitumen from oil and tar sands, using Minotaur’s expertise in cleaning sands to produce oil and bitumen with a minimal environmental impact and at a significantly lower breakeven point than conventional oil sands developments.

Systems & Technology

Minotaur’s technology chain is capable of the rapid and effective recovery or remediation of hydrocarbons from oil lakes and the clean up of affected soil and water in the immediate and surrounding area. Minotaur’s systems comprise combinations of integrated technological solutions matched to specific conditions and requirements. The purpose of these activities is to remediate contaminated soils to international standards, and permanently resolve any environmental issues caused by hydrocarbon-related pollution.

Client Offering

Minotaur offers its clients – whether international oil companies, governments or environmental agencies – a rapid, effective and low-cost solution to the issue of oil-related environmental contamination.