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The Minotaur Process

Minotaur Process Overview

The process combines patented mechanical and biochemical technologies to clean all the oil contaminants from contaminated earths through mechanical action combines with enhanced and accelerated bioremediation. Each process machine can process 22.5 tonnes per hour of contaminated materials, and multiple machines can be deployed in parallel.

The process begins with feeding of the contaminated materials into a collection hopper, where they are mixed with fresh soil or incubated microbes to enhance the microbial content in the system.

This mixture is then passed into a shear eductor, where the mechanical process shears the contaminant away from drill cuttings, sand grain or soil exposing the surface of the contaminated materials and the hydrocarbon to a proprietary chemical that emulsifies the hydrocarbon pollution, allowing the microbes in the soil to begin the process of breaking down the hydrocarbons.

The enhanced oxygenation and nano-emulsions created by the mechanical process significantly enhance the rate of hydrocarbon degradation by microbial action, allowing full remediation within a period of two to three weeks.

The back end of the process sorts the gross solids and fine solids into separate streams. The gross solids are essentially clean and can be removed from site for disposal, whilst the fine solids, together with the emulsified oil, water and microbes are passed to a holding tank. Water is reclaimed from the tank and returned to the front end of the process, whilst the fine solids and hydrocarbons are pumped into a holding pit for the duration of the remediation period, where the oil and other contaminants are degraded and consumed by the natural microbes over two to three weeks. Following the remediation period, the treated fine solids can be removed from the site and moved to a permanent storage site, or reused as clean earths.

Key Advantages

Water Sensitive

The Minotaur process minimises water wastage, and is suitable for use in arid environments

Environmentally Friendly

The Minotaur process occurs within a closed-loop system which largely eliminates discharge of water and other waste, uses no solvents or other hazardous chemicals, and generates no tailings stream, VOCs or other contamination

Bulk Processing

The Minotaur process operates in single or multiple units of 42 tonnes per hour per unit, allowing rapid and effective remediation of large waste volumes

Effective Treatment

The Minotaur process guarantees remediation to below the 1% TPH threshold